Social Media Management

If you are looking for services for social media management, we can help. Adding social media marketing to your business strategy can do wonders for engaging your customers and building your brand. We make implementing social media as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Social Media Content Strategy

We have designed a couple of different levels of service for managing your social platforms. Before we get into that, we need to go over what our strategy is.

  1. We want to showcase your brand. Social media provides another gateway to brand awareness relationship building or driving new sales.
  2. We want to develop a loyal community. People want to be part of something that is proactively building a community and environment that makes an emotional connection.
  3. Improve customer service. Social platforms open up a great feedback resource to personally connect with your customers.
  4. Increase digital exposure.  Social media gets huge exposure and is free to join.
  5. Boost your traffic and search engine ranking. Social media is a lead generator and can bring a lot of traffic to your website. Today, search engines rely a lot on social media content to gage the relevancy of your site.
  6. Expand business to new clients and audience.
  7. Cut your marketing costs. Compared to traditional print advertising, social media marketing is affordable to any business. The social platform itself is free.

Managing the tweets, posts and feedback can get time consuming. This is where we can step in and help!

Client SMM Dashboard

Take Control Of Your Social Media Accounts In One Place!

  • You will get access to schedule all your content through one control panel.
  • You can monitor your social streams and statistics.
  • You can design and schedule image posts from our visual editor
  • You can use our powerful content research tool.

Register your Free account today!

Your Control Panel Features:

Staistic Tracking

We will track all links, clicks and geo location for your content campaigns and put them into easy to read charts and graphs.

Content Post Scheduler

We schedule your posts 7 days ahead so that you can review, edit or add posts to your campaign.

Review Daily

You may log in and review each days schedule of posts in one easy place. You may adjust anything you wish.

Our Service Features Below:

Social Profiling

When you complete our profile form, our Native English speaking profilers will create custom ongoing content for your social media platforms.

Content Variety

We provide content about your services and products, as well as your industry facts, tips and trivia. We will provide optional content that can be used or not.

Images Included

If you have photos on your website that are relevant we will include these images in  your posts. If not, we will use a few royalty free images.

Advanced Scheduling

We will schedule out your posts 7 days in advance so that if you want to review or change anything you can!

Advanced Filtering

All content gets doubled checked for spelling and grammar to ensure the highest quality is provided.

Control Dashboard

Complete access to your scheduled posts with full tracking and stats.

Want Us To Manage Your Social Content For You?

Social Content Explosion Package

NO Set Up Fee + NO Contracts

The explosion campaign is meant to deliver the perfect amount of content for your social platforms at just the right time. We do an in depth analysis of your company and create the content specific to your niche and publish it 5 days per week. You will be asked to fill out a business profiler about your business. You will be able to choose the days of the week you want your campaigns to run, any images you may want included and any industry info you want presented.

4-7 daily Tweets
3 weekly images

2 daily posts
3 weekly image posts

2 daily updates
images posts n/a

Campaigns Also Include:


An in-depth social profile


Custom Control Panel


Control Content (edit, delete or add)


Social Platform Statistics


RSS Feed Scheduling


Easy to follow tour or features

1 Platform

$249 Per Month

2 Platforms

$399 Per Month

3 Platforms

$499 Per Month

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