Local Contest Domination

What is Local Contest Domination?

Local contest domination is a marketing strategy, that uses social media, to accelerate the growth of a local business by running a prize giveaway contest. This allows us to gather potential customer’s emails, building you an email asset. This asset can be used at anytime in the future for email marketing campaigns.

So Why Run a Local Contest to Build an Email List?

Building an email list allows you to build a relationship with your customers. You can communicate news and updates about your business, deals and promotions that are going on, and potentially get new loyal customers. Email is one of the most inexpensive ways to broadcast information to customers. Here are a few stats:

Contest Domination vs Other Marketing

  • SEO – Costs are high and takes way too long before seeing results
  • Social Media – Hard to measure results of getting a ‘like’ or a ‘comment’
  • PPC – Can be very high in cost per click and high learning curb

Contest Marketing

  • Can see a return within 30 days
  • As low as $5/day ad budget
  • Set up is a couple of days
  • Results are easily measured and seen within a few days of running the contest


GroupOn vs Email Marketing

If you run GroupOn deals, then you know they can be a quick way to generate business. You also know that there are some significant disadvantages to running campaign like this.

  • Usually have to give a 50% discount on deal
  • GroupOn takes half of the sales revenue
  • You don’t get to keep the buyers email addresses
  • You can’t re-market to anyone who bought your deal without running another campaign with GroupOn


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